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And it starts again...

I have been away from hat design for quite a few years. Working beyond full-time eats my energy and because I work at home usually (except for the week excursions to the mother company every 6-8 weeks), I realized one of the reasons I wasn't creating was because home became 'where I worked'. I kept busy with handwork, small items, usually knitted but not really creating what I love to do and what I would like to do.

In August of this year I decided to look for a small workspace outside the home. This was brought on by several needs other than just wanting to get back to creating. The house had become unbearable to me with all of the 'stuff'. Yarns, Yarns, Yarns. Bins of yarns and finished products and trimmings and fabric and buttons, etc. etc. etc. Literally I could not go into my studio at home because it became overwhelming with all the 'stuff'.

We were going to on a cruise in September and would have someone stay at the house to watch the dog. I needed to clean out a bedroom and made the decision that all of my stuff was going to have to go, one way or another.

I couldn't find a space within my budget and figured it just wasn't in the cards. Bill said, why not give Laure a call and see if she knows of anywhere. Laure is an ex-studio mate of Bill's. I called Laure, she said she was looking to move as well, knew of a space and voila.... it happened. I was able to have a workshop/studio inside of Laure's new gallery. Studio DreamWoven is back in biz.

I want to use this blog to highlight new creations (hat-wise) as well as some of the things I want to do.

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