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"Friends don't let friends dress like hoochies".

The above is from a blog I ran for awhile. It's called Tumbled Euphoria. ( I think I will pull random posts into this blog.

I remember my mother giving me certain pieces of advice. They were usually based on things that would make me more palatable as a female and as a daughter. She had an interesting way of imparting wisdom to me when I was young - it was always part threat and part advice such as: "If you do not sit up straight in that chair, I will put a nail through the back of it!". The advice was good, the threat not so much.

There was also the "If you pierce your ears, I will cut them off".... I did. She didn't.

One of the best things was her telling me to suck in my stomach every time I thought about it. Good advice.

But then there were also those words of wisdom about ALWAYS wearing a girdle. It would be shameful not to.

She was a small woman. I was taller than her by the time I was 11, but before that I would play hooky from school, stuff one of her bras with toilet paper, pull on one of her girdles (so I was not shameful) and then a dress, put on her high heels, grab a matching purse and hat and then I would go out. Literally. I would walk around our downtown dressed to the teeth (11 year old teeth, pre-braces).

Where was Sally Mann when I was doing this? I would have been a great subject for her photographs!

"I always thought she looked like Marilyn Monroe, with her platinum hair and beautiful face."

P.S. Let's not talk about Spanx.

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