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The only thing you can count on is change, except when it comes to -isms.

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

After almost 7 years of working a lot more than full time for a company that I have helped grow from almost nothing to somewhat successful, it is now time for it to end. May 15 2019 will be my last day and I feel so thankful that it is only 23 days away.

Ageism rears its ugly head. It is nasty. It's not 'out there' like racism or gender disparity, but it is the largest unspoken -ism running amuck at this time. Of course it is a beautifully white-washed -ism. "Your job is disappearing" and then it reappears as a dispersed job among others. So it really isn't gone, just scattered and rather than being offered something else because you are a qualified experienced worker in the company, you are dismissed. Of course you must 'share' your work knowledge before you go because you need the low hanging severance pay fruit.

So.... 23 days and I will have time to concentrate on hats. Hats, hats and hats! Spring/summer is on its way. I am playing with some ideas for lighter hats. Here are two that I just put on the site:


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