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Classic Cloche style.

Soft grey, 100% wool felt with exquisite vintage button, trim and feathers.


22.5" (57.15cm) Circumference

Crown Width: 6.5"

Crown Height: 3.5"

Brim Width: 3.5"

  • Care Instructions


    • Common Sense
      • If your hat has feathers, you will not want to wear it in the rain.  
      • If your hat is felt, a light rain won't hurt it, (see below for drying instructions). 
      • Do not wear a hat in the pouring rain, unless it is specifically a rain hat and made for such weather.
      • Do not allow your hat to be sat on.
      • Store your hat correctly.
      • Get into the habit of picking up your hat, putting it on and taking it off with both your hands on the brim.


    • Brim care

    Storage is very important to maintaining the shape of your brim. Hats with brims turned down should always be stored upside down. Pressure is taken off the brim by placing the hat on its crown, thus maintaining its form.

    • Crown care

    Be kind to your crown! Excessive handling of your crown can lead to variations from its original structure or form.

    • Drying your hat

    Do not ever attempt to force dry your hat using artificial heat. Hair dryers, radiators, and other sources of high heat will shrink your hat. If your hat gets wet, simply place it on its crown in a dry place and allow it some time to dry itself. Before the hat dries, take the time to smooth out any imperfections.

    Numerous wetting and dryings can result in shrinkage. A hat stretcher is a good defense against this rare event.


    Thank you!

  • Expectations & Return Policy



    I will always post the size of the head circumference of the hat, as well as brim and crown information.  It is expected that you know your hat size.  If you do not know your hat size, please see here:


    If you need the hat smaller I can assist with this but you need to let me know BEFORE you purchase the hat.   You can always contact me at

    If you need the hat larger, I may be able to assist you with this depending on the hat but you need to let me know BEFORE you purchase the hat. You can always contact me at

    My return policiy is simple. 


    • In most instances, I will not refund because 'you do not like how it looks'; but write to me, send me a pic, tell me what you don't like, and I will try to remedy the situation.

    • If your hat is damaged when you receive it, please contact me immediately.  Your hat is fully insured when I ship it to you, (you are not charged for this), so if something is wrong I will need to hear from you immediately so that we can file a claim.
    • You will need to return the damaged hat to me. 
    • You will be fully refunded, less shipping once the claim has been filed.


  • Sizing & Custom Options



    Too Big - Let me know your head circumference.  I should be able to add sizing to the inside of the hat (dependent upon the hat), under the inner band (sweatband).


    Too Small - Depending on the hat and your hat size, I may be able to stretch the hat for you.  Should you desire me to begin stretching the hat, you will need to place a non-refundable deposit of 1/2 the price of the hat.  Stretching can take a few days to 2 weeks.  The hat will be shipped to you.  If it needs to still be bigger, you will need to ship it back and I stretch again.


    Custom Options:


    If you'd like me to design a hat(s) for you, let's talk.  Email me at, we will have a few phone conversations and we can get started on that special hat for you.

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